Tired? Make a healthy supper in less than 15mins today…

This is my dad’s supper..the best chicken ever..you can make it so fast..and its cooked in almost no oil..try it if you are feeling lazy today and add a quick salad with it..

Chicken ( as much as you can eat)- get fresh chicken from the market
2 Tbs mustard (with seeds in it..or in other words…moutarde a l’ancienne)
Fresh lemon juice ( or bottled one)

For salad..whatever you want..my dad makes lettuce,tomatoes,feta,english cucumber..and as i said..anything you have in your fridge makes a good salad…

Marinate you chicken in the above ingredients.,.and just cook it in a non stick frying pan..add oil if you feel like it..but it taste just as good without the oil…


And for the salad….easy peasy..cut,toss and turn..add olive oil or any form of salad dressing you like..




4 thoughts on “Tired? Make a healthy supper in less than 15mins today…

  1. I made with smoked marlin last night…can also substitute with crab stick. No need to cook for both! Ideal for lunch as well!!

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